Boettke on Inequality

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25 Jan 2014

Liberalism seeks to establish constitutional rules of governance and design institutional structures precisely to realize a social order that permits neither discrimination nor dominion. In all of these discussions, I believe, it is important to stress as Hayek did, that democracy must be subordinate to LIBERALISM, whereas the modern state is defined by a quest for liberalism within DEMOCRACY. As long as the modern political situation remains, the quest to achieve a social order that is neither discriminatory nor permits the dominion of some over others will be in vain.

Living better together requires a set of general rules that treat individuals as equals in terms of the law. A fair sporting contest is one where the players all play be the same rules, not one where everyone achieves the same outcome.

We face serious constraints from the body politic that are cutting off the bottom of the economic ladder for too many young people, and if you cut off the bottom of the ladder, you cut off their ability to climb. Inequality, I would argue, is a consequence, not a cause.

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