Lee on Bitcoin

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04 Mar 2014

Timothy B. Lee explains why an open payment network necessitates an internal store of value:

If there’s no company controlling a financial network, then there’s no way to guarantee that the unit of account inside the network is pegged to some stable unit of value outside of it. Dollars in Paypal are worth a dollar because the Paypal company has promised to pay a dollar to anyone who wants to withdraw their funds. But in a peer-to-peer network, there’s no one to perform this function. So a fully decentralized financial network necessarily needs to use its own unit of account that floats against conventional currencies.

Lee also also counters the assumption that decentralization results in less fraud protection:

Every consumer-friendly financial network needs to have some kind of strategy for combatting fraud. Ordinarily, this takes the form of the network operator accepting liability for unauthorized transactions and then establishing rules that minimize the amount of fraud that occurs. But there are many possible strategies for detecting and combatting fraud…In a centralized network, the whole network has to adopt a single unified strategy for fraud prevention. Because the network operator is on the hook for any losses, those rules tend to be pretty conservative. To become a Visa or Mastercard merchant, for example, you have to participate in a lengthy approval process and comply with a variety of complex requirements…In contrast, an open financial network allows different payment processors to adopt different strategies for combatting fraud.

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