Liedtka and Ogilvie on Design Thinking

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23 Jul 2014

Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie on design thinking:

Business thinking favors analytical approaches; decision-making processes demand “proof” that we have arrived at the “correct” answer, so MBAs favor a Business Case. Design, in contrast, favors trying over extensive planning and is overwhelmingly experimental in its approach. Designers expect to iterate their way to increasingly “better” answers; so designers favor Rapid-Prototyping.

Strategic Planning assumes rationality and objectivity. Its decision driver is cold, clean, economic logic. Reality is precise and quantifiable. There is “truth”—and answers are “right” or “wrong.” Design thinking assumes instead human experience, always messy, as its decision driver and sees true objectivity as an illusion. Reality, for designers, is always constructed by the people living it. Decisions in this world are seen as driven by emotion more than logic; desire is seen as a more powerful motivator than reason. In this world, there is only our individual “truth”—and answers are “better” or “worse.”

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