Tucker on the Republican Party

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12 May 2016

Jeffrey Tucker on the Republican Party:

From the very beginning of his campaign this past summer, [Trump] has worked to build up a case for bigger and more intrusive government.

With the traditional Republican coalition now shattered, Americans are newly acquainting themselves with a different and more consistent authoritarianism that has a right-wing flavor. I’ve argued elsewhere that this is accurately called fascism. It might seem like a movement organized to stop the march of the left, but it uses the same means to achieve ends that are only slightly different in cultural tone and appeal.

The right and left legs of statism dance in a devil’s ballet. One gains control and fosters resentment and reaction. The other takes over and wages war on its political enemies. The population is divided. It becomes a struggle over power, but each has an interest in gaining more. It’s better to think of right and left as factions of the same party. They can be right about some things some of the time but neither pushes simple freedom as an answer to social and economic problems.

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