Somin on The Presidential Election

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23 Oct 2016

Ilya Somin on the 2016 presidential election:

Trump is not just a conventional Republican candidate. He wants to remake the GOP into a “workers party” (as he himself calls it), similar to the big-government right-wing nationalist parties of Western Europe, such as France’s National Front. Like Trump, these parties combine xenophobia and protectionism with a strong authoritarian streak, and support for an expansive welfare and regulatory state (so long as the beneficiaries are primarily people of the “right” racial and ethnic background).

If Trump wins the presidency and his agenda is seen as a political success, he will have the opportunity to move the GOP further in a National Front-like direction. And a Trumpist/National Front party will have little use for limited government-originalist judicial philosophy. To the contrary, federalism, the separation of powers, and many individual rights limitations on government power would be an impediment to its agenda. A Trumpist GOP would, over time, seek to appoint judges in line with its priorities.

If you care about the long-term future of originalism and enforcing constitutional limits on government, you have good reason to be #NeverTrump – all the way.

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