Peterson on Universities

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10 Jul 2018

Jordan Peterson on universities:

They are overwhelmingly administratively top heavy and they don’t spend any more money on the faculty than they did 30 years ago. The cost of that administrative top heaviness…has been a radical increase in tuition fees especially compared to the radical decrease in price of most things over the last 20 years. The way that has been managed is that unsuspecting students are given free access to student loans that will cripple them through their 30s and their 40s and the universities are enticing them to extend their carefree adolescence for a four year period at the cost of mortgaging their future earnings in a deal that does not allow for escape through bankruptcy. So it is essentially a form of indentured servitude. There is no excuse whatsoever for that. It means the administrators have learned how to pick the future pockets of their students.

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