Hazony on Nationalism

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25 Aug 2018

Yoram Hazony on nationalism:

Na­tional co­he­sion is the se­cret in­gre­di­ent that al­lows free in­sti­tu­tions to ex­ist, the bedrock on which a func­tion­ing democ­racy is built. No won­der, then, that no multi­na­tional em­pire has ever been ruled as a democ­racy. Lack­ing mu­tual loy­alty, its re­spec­tive na­tion­al­i­ties see one an­other only as a threat. That was the case in multi­na­tional states such as the So­viet Union, Yu­goslavia, Syria and Iraq. In the long run, noth­ing holds such states to­gether but co­er­cion. In such cases, lift­ing the op­pres­sion of the state doesn’t bring free­dom, only dis­so­lu­tion and civil war.

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